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Under Floor Heating Options in Sydney

Under floor heating is the process whereby the house indoor temperatures are controlled from an underground system usually installed in the floor of the house. The underfloor heating systems are gaining popularity not only because they are efficient but also because they are more affordable than the other heating systems. The other advantages of using underfloor heating are that they are free from dust for the people who have allergies and also they provide even comfortable temperatures all over the room. This kind of heating mainly involves conduction, radiation and convection. There are three common types of floor heating and they include wired electric underfloor heating, forced air underfloor heating and hydronicunderfloor heating.


The forced air in floor heating is the oldest form of heating whereby air ducts are fixed on the floor and then connected to a heater. The air is then heated and transmitted in the room through the air ducts. The wired electric underfloor heating works in a similar way like an electric kettle. This simply means that a couple of coated conducting electric wires are laid under the floorboard or tiles systematically on the entire floor. The current passing through the wires thus heats them and the hot air rises to warm up the room. The hot air being conducted in the room is usually controlled by the use of a thermostat which is installed in every room. There are also electric mats which are easier to install as compared to the wires. The other advantage of using electric mats is that they are safer since there are no wires lying around on the floor.


The hydronicunderfloor heating is also known as the wet underfloor heating system. This process usually involves a boiler and a network of pipes laid well to cover the entire floor. When the water is heated in the boiler, it then moves through the pipes warming up the house through the process of radiation. Once the hot water cools down, it is then returned to the boiler for reheating and the cycle continues. This type of underfloor heating is preferred because it distributes the heat in the room evenly. The average costs of underfloor heating depends on the running time of the heater or boiler and also the amount of temperatures needed in the room.  Know the underfloor heating cost here!


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